Lots to see in nearby holiday regions

Discover the cities of South Tyrol and their special characters. It’s particularly worth visiting the historic town centres with their porticos, oriels and artistically decorated houses. There are a wide variety of shops, boutiques and shopping centres for those who desire to shop until they drop! If you want to rest for a short while, there are coffee shops, bars, restaurants, as well as pizzerias.

Meran/Merano – spa facility with style

A Mediterranean climate, quaint historic centre, sunny promenades and snow-capped mountains ...all of these are part of the backdrop which gives this town a very special flair.

Bozen/Bolzano – the regional capital

Bozen/Bolzano is the centre of South Tyrol and offers numerous places of interest, as well as the famous fruit market, the porticos, the Waltherplatz, cathedral, Ötzi museum, as well as fantastic shops all around the place.

Glurns/Glorenza – the smallest town in the entire European Alpine region

Glurns/Glorenza is the smallest town in the Alpine region. It is fully surrounded by a wall and is full of romance and history.

Brixen/Bressanone – the Bishop’s Headquarters

The bishop’s headquarters is full of valuable sacred artefacts and was able to keep its historic city centre intact throughout the centuries. The cathedral square, the nativity museum, porticos, as well as numerous restaurants and coffee shops make Brixen/Bressanone one of the most popular destinations in South Tyrol.

Klausen/Chiusa – a town from the Middle Ages

Klausen/Chiusa is just the right place if you are a romantic! Tight lanes with lots of shops and restaurants create a very special flair. Castle Säben is situated on a mountain right behind the town. ...and don’t forget to check out the Loreto Treasure!

Sterzing/Vipiteno – the town of the Fuggers

Coming from the North, Sterzing/Vipiteno is the first town after you cross the Brenner/o Pass. The ‘town of the Fuggers’ became wealthy through its mining, as well as its location. The town and its surrounding area offer many art-historic treasures, castles and fortresses.

Bruneck/Brunico – the gate to the Dolomites

Embedded between the Dolomite mountain world and the summits of the main Alpine mountain range is a town called Bruneck/Brunico. It has a very idyllic atmosphere. The famous Stadtgasse offers ample shopping opportunities and many historic places to visit and enjoy.